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Bruder Caterpillar FR130 Road Loader, 3+


The FR 130 Road Loader is another one of Bruder’s great toys. With articulated steering and a fully functioning bucket arm, the FR 130 is as capable and durable as its real-life counterpart. Manufactured with Bruder’s renowned attention to detail, a close inspection of the driver’s cab will reveal several controls that would be found in an actual loader.

This loader is fully compatible with any Bruder figure, so be sure to give this machine a driver! Capable of hauling product all across the back yard or threw the house, your child will be industriously busy, enraptured by Bruder’s quality work. The loader is a winner of the German Spiel Gut or Play Good award, making it stand out among its peers as a quality, child-friendly piece. The FR 130 will make a great impact on your child’s play and keep them entertained and enthralled.

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