Bruder Man TGA Construction Truck w/ Liebherr Excavator; 3+


Move earth with the excavator, use it to load the tipping trailer and transport away directly. All this happens in the blinking of an eye with this set, consisting of a Liebherr excavator and MAN construction truck. The sides of the construction truck can be folded down on three sides to unload the transported goods in all three directions. The trough can also be tipped and latched. The excavator arm of the Liebherr excavator is fully functional and the cab body and arm can be rotated through 360° on the chassis. Two support legs ensure stability.

Features and Benefits:


  • Driver’s Cabin Can Be Tilted
  • Tipping And Latching Trough
  • Excavator’s Cab Can Turn By 360°
  • Stabilizer Legs Of The Backhoe Extends To The Ground
  • Fully Functioning Shovel Arm, Operated By Manual Lever

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