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Clue Junior Board Game


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Clue game for younger kids: oh no! Somebody broke a toy! In this clue junior game players use strategy and the process of elimination to solve the mystery. Its the case of the broken toy in this whodunit game for kids.
N this clue junior game: players are on a mission to discover which toy was broken: who broke it: and what time it was broken. Players roll the dice to see if they can move their character and peek under furniture tokens for clues.
Kids can play detective: marking the detective notepad as they find clues: eliminate choices: and eventually solve the mystery. Game featured characters: Miss Scarlett: col. Mustard: Mr. Green: Mrs. Peacock: prof. Plum: and dr. Orchid.
Time for an accusation? Go for it! A correct accusation wins the game. The clue junior game is a really fun board game for kids play dates: and for rainy day entertainment. Its a game for ages 5 and up.

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