L.O.L Surprise Lil Sister Doll, 5+


This L.O.L Surprise!™ Lils blind bag includes 5 different surprises! Collect them all from the Winter Disco collection!

Unbox 5 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Series. Will you get a Lil Pet, a Lil Sis, or even a Lil Bro? Lil pets are now fuzzy, so you wash off the fuzz to unbox your pet. Each Lil comes packaged in a beautiful, crystal-shaped ball with a clear front to use as a display case. Use the included stickers to decorate the ball to make the face of a Snow B. B. Collect them all!

Unbox 5 surprises with L. O. L. Surprise Lils Winter Disco Series.

Add water for a colour change surprise.

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