Pop It Fidget Toy; 3+


A softer, quieter version of bubble wrap that doesn’t have to be tossed after one use. It’s long-lasting and easy to take wherever you go.

The fact that it’s portable makes it great for long car rides with tireless kids.


Pop It! is pure magic. This sensory toy will keep kids andadults occupied for hours. With no pieces or parts, the self-contained durabledesign is perfect for travel or even just relaxing and relieving stress andanxiety with some quiet popping time.Addictive, sensory fun that keeps them busy popping whiledeveloping their fine motor skills.Unlike other fidgets, the silicone is hygienic and waterresistant. No pieces or parts! Self-contained design perfect to take inthe car for on-the-go fun.Once you pop one side, pop the other! Its so simple yet soenjoyable.This fidget toy can be used for fidgeting, motor skills,anxiety, geometry learning, and cognitive and tactile thinking. Just press the bubbles down and they’ll make a slightpopping sound; then flip it over and start again!


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